Still Life


“The whole point of taking pictures is so that you don’t have to explain things with words.” Elliott Erwitt

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #158 – Along Back Country Roads

14 thoughts on “Still Life

      1. 😀 The quote made me think of all the devices that make our lives easier, but then again, make us lazier too. I like to explain things with words, at least I used to, because now I simply click and the matter is solved. Sorry for not making it clearer before.

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        1. This is a closeup of a box of onions I found at an Amish farm stand in a small town called Ronks, Pennsylvania. Opposite is the old Mascot Roller Mills, also known as Ressler’s Mill. The complex consists of the mill, miller’s house, summer kitchen, and frame barn. I did not purchase any onions or visit the Mill that day (Open for the season May 6 through October 16). After photographing the onions I bought the newspaper (New York Post) and a large cup of iced coffee (French Vanilla). I don’t remember what I did after that because this was in July and my memory is not what it used to be although I’m considering taking Prevagen memory supplements. From what I’ve seen on their commercials, after a week or so you can remember not only your own birth but your conception!

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