Marching Ants

Marching Ants
Marching Ants

“All good work is done the way ants do things: Little by little.” Lafcadio Hearn


24 thoughts on “Marching Ants

  1. Looks like my dahlia’s, color-wise. Took a chance on a plant for sale, wasn’t sure it was going to make it…they sold it to me for $2! I’ve been giving it lots of love and talking to it, and taking lots of photos. There are at least 10 flowers in various stages open at the moment. Yes, the ants sure do love this flower…as your photo shows.

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  2. A beautiful shot. It reminds me of my peonies. The ants come, one to a bud. They eat a nectar the plant produces to lure them. The ants keep away the thrips. Nicely symbiotic.

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