Herd Immunity 2021

Fairy f/2.8
Fairy f/2.8

Last September I visited a group of locals to discuss Herd Immunity so today I went back to a different group to see how they felt about it. They didn’t seem to care or even entertain the idea but everyone was full of other advice.

They all felt that I should shoot wide and we argued about it for a few minutes while I shot at f/4. Finally I reluctantly switched to f/2.8. After viewing all the shots it was more about composition that aperture but this one is my favorite.

When I was finished she asked me about cow tipping which confused me but it turned out that she wanted a tip. So I thought for a second and asked her if cows have Buddha nature. She said Mu and we called it a day.

34 thoughts on “Herd Immunity 2021

  1. Hi Mike, No tips for today. What is the current tipping rate for cows, 18%? She’s a beautiful cow. I am linking this post to an interview I’m doing of Sarah (toonsarah). She wanted to give you a shout out. 🙂

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              1. I was lying on the ground shooting up at them. I was glad it didn’t drool over the fence. They were fenced next to a busy country highway, and soon the owner came running towards me to see if I was all right. I guess it was rather stupid of me considering our difference in weight. 🙂

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                1. I love the whole experience. I park safely on a backroad and we play hide and seek until they get comfortable with me. Usually one gets brave and lets me touch her. So basically, I touched a cow and I think I liked it. 👉

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                  1. LOL. I probably have more pictures of cows than I do of my husband. Probably his choice as much as the cows’. I could be like Sheldon Cooper and host a podcast, “Fun with Cows.” We could cohost! 🙂 LOL

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                    1. My husband drinks almond milk, LOL. Tulare County has more cows than humans. We still have to buy the milk. Those were beef cattle. The dairy cows are raised in the city! 🙂 No joke!

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