Dromedary Dissuasion

Camel Talk
Camel Talk

“None of this is real. All of this is an illusion and your acceptance of that fact is the beginning of the pathway to self-knowledge.” Joe Camel, Frederick Lenz

22 thoughts on “Dromedary Dissuasion

              1. Unfortunately they don’t carry the camel milk. I did find family owned health food stores in my area that do carry it…one of the locations is where I meet up with my dad. Now that I think about it I vaguely remember seeing a bottle of camel milk. Hmmmmm….

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                  1. I agree. Not sure what our dog would think though. I fell in love with the camels we fed in Thailand at Horizon Village and Resort – there is a botanical garden and zoo right behind the buildings.

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  1. Gorgeous pic. You should share it on twitter, I’ll retweet.
    Camel milk (pasteurized) is quite plain, just slightly salty tasting, less fatty than cow’s milk.
    Salt being a flavor enhancer, camel milk is excellent in milkshakes, hot chocolate, béchamel sauce, cereals… Helps to make them light and digestible.
    Safe for lactose intolerant people and those with dairy protein allergies.

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  2. We have several camels at the zoo here in Tallinn. One of them is white, others are brown. There’s a bench near them and people can observe them for a while. I was at the zoo in March this year it seems. I would like to go there again but it’s rather far away from the place where I live. Camels give wool too. I think wool is more common thing to use than milk. Wool is great by the way. I have socks with camel’s wool.

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