Caged in Spirit

Beyond the cage
Beyond the cage

“Once I was free; there was no cage that could bind me, and I had yet to create my box of numbness within my mind to be my silent protector.” J.D. Stroube

18 thoughts on “Caged in Spirit

    1. I was standing in front of a metal corn crib looking through it at the farm. I tried to get further back but there was a fence. I love those things, they remind me of giant birdcages. 🦅🦜🦩🕊🦢🦃🦚🦉🐦🐥🐧

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  1. Once I had something similar it seems. Then I wrote that:

    Suddenly I found myself bare in the middle of the cold. No one was by my side to hold me. “Welcome to reality” – my mind said. – “You are going to live here”.
    Today I feel like I left mental hospital where I was for a year of my life. I face the freedom I’m not sure I expected. I’m too free and here’s too airless because of this freedom. My arms are free of chains but captured with ability of doing anything I want. My brain is bare and I can think about whatever.
    I’m scared so much.

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