The Great Mask Debate

Mocking the mask
Mocking the mask

If we’ve learned anything this year, and especially this week it’s that wearing a mask works. Wear it right, wear it proud and keep it clean.

45 thoughts on “The Great Mask Debate

  1. WEAR it and Wear it RIGHT. True words.

    Where I am, people don’t have issue with wearing masks. However wearing it wrong – below their nose, under their chin – is just as effective as wearing it over their eyes and sticking out their tongue! You are so subtle Mike 🙂

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    1. It’s a sticky wicket Sandy. I half jokingly mentioned to an old woman that the mask should cover her nose and got a long lecture on constitutional rights. It came close to a fistfight but I could probably have taken her, probably. 😷


      1. Yesterday here in Tallinn was opened a monument to a homeless dog. Why do I write about it, because the dog is “famous” and I saw his photos, he’s black and white and black parts are just ordinary hair but white parts are a bit curly and look like it’s a sheep wool! The dog is famous because we have no homeless animals here, except this one, he ran away several times from an animal shelter. Now he’s very old and it seems too old and ill to run away again.
        Now we have only homeless people. But a few. I wonder of someone made a monument to a homeless human.

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              1. I know. But Moscow bums are stinking very hard most of the time, despite the fact there are places to take a shower, places for sleep, for meal, etc. Some people just seem to prefer living on the streets completely. Though some people don’t have an information. I was spreading it, so I know.
                Oh, if you are a bum, you are the nicest one I’ve ever seen 😀

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                  1. Nope, thanks. I don’t think it will help. I don’t think anything can help except inner motivation. But some homeless were rather nice. I always asked them the way because they always know it.

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  2. Hello Mike Human thanks for taking a look at my Lens-Artists challenge. I like your photo! I always wear a mask to keep the flies out of my eyes. Ma Leueen, my Human and the other humans at the barn are wearing masks now. They have them on their noses and mouths. Because of the Vye Rus! Stay well Mike Human.🐴

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      1. Hello again Mike Human! I hate getting flies around my eyes and ears so the horse’s mask is good for me. The humans all wear it on their mouths and noses. I hear that the Vye Rus invades through the nose and mouths of humans. So you keep your mask on and all will be well.🐴

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  3. Mike, your horse image with the mask would be a terrific choice. Your horse image with the mask AND the tongue sticking out is perfection!! His eye mask is probably just as effective against the virus as those of the people who wear them under their noses. If you decide to fight the old lady please let us know when and where as we’d all love to watch and cheer you on.

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