Herd Immunity


I was reading an article on the CNBC website where Dr. Fauci said: “If the U.S. allowed the coronavirus to spread unchecked in an attempt to try to achieve so-called herd immunity, the death toll would be enormous.”

This didn’t sound particularly good to me and I wondered how other residents felt about this. I found a herd and asked ten locals for their opinions. The first eight thought it was a ridiculous idea.

The ninth had a terrible cough and the others kept their social distance. After a few minutes this one, possibly the leader of the pack stood and stared at me. Her neighbor kept hitting her in the face with her tail to help get the flies off.

After a brief staring contest (which I won) I asked: “Well what do you think?” She thought about the question for a second and was about to answer when she got hit in the face again. Then she said: “Just shoot me now.” So I did.

34 thoughts on “Herd Immunity

  1. So seeing this picture reminded me of something I read on The Happy Broadcaster Instagram account last Sunday…there was a 4-year study in Botswana that found that cattle with eye marks painted on their behinds were less likely to be killed by predators. I think the eyes have it, no nays. 😊

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