The Horse at the Bar

Bar none
Bar none

I met this horse at the bar today and he seemed to be in a very bad mood. He was on a break from taking tourists for rides through the Amish Countryside so I introduced myself and asked how he was doing.

He said; “Crap. It’s all crap. Living is crap. Life has no meaning. None. Nowhere to be found. Crap. Why doesn’t anybody realize this?” I was not surprised that he said this but surprised that he was so good with words.

So I asked; “Isn’t that from Ballad of a Shinigami by K-Ske Hasegawa?” He gave me a look like he was gonna bite my head off and replied; “Yeah, I read Manga, got a problem with that?”

I did not, and walked away scratching my head thinking that this is the coolest horse I’ve ever met and wondered if we could get together for lunch one day and talk more. It was just another normal day for me in Lancaster County, P.A.

20 thoughts on “The Horse at the Bar

    1. I have a lot of voices in my head including at least one horse. So most of the time I’m not completely sure who’s talking to who. But good points Sandy, it seems you really thought this through. 😉


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