For Alena


“Fell asleep in the backyard while the peonies were blooming hard. And in my half slumber, they were blooming for you, like they bloomed for me.” Peonies by Charlotte Cornfield

35 thoughts on “For Alena

        1. I’m seriously considering buying the RX-100V which is a ridiculously expensive toy. I’m still using the original model from 2012 so I think I got my money’s worth. I hardly use my Mirrorless (Sony A-6000) these days even though its a fantastic camera. 🏰

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            1. I started digital with a Cannon point and shoot, then a slightly better Panasonic Lumix, then to Sony which I will stay with because of the image quality. Cameras are relatively cheap these days (not lenses), it just depends on what you want.

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