A Philosophy of Boredom

Lost in thought
Lost in thought

“Give me boredom. At least I know where I’m going to eat and sleep tonight.” Al Paca

46 thoughts on “A Philosophy of Boredom

    1. Its true for him but not for the millions of homeless Alpacas across the country. Sleeping on subways, smoking old cigarette butts, begging for hay, its a cruel, cruel world Sandy. 😥


    1. These animals are part of a motel that’s been closed for a while. There are people who take care of them but I may be the only visitor. I think his look is because a huge rainstorm was on the way, they know theses things. 💧💧💧

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      1. Hahahaha I have had plenty practice. We are only allowed 1km from the house so started a series called in the neighbourhood.. I post one a day on facebook.. Old chalets, doors, windows, path by the river.. such fun.. doing some online courses photography and loads of editing videos.. It has been therapeutic..;-)

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