A Philosophy of Boredom

Lost in thought
Lost in thought

“Give me boredom. At least I know where I’m going to eat and sleep tonight.” Al Paca

46 thoughts on “A Philosophy of Boredom

      1. This was the Riverview nursing home in Michigan, but I watched the video from the Netherlands. These alpaca look so sweet. Whenever we are able, I want to visit a farm nearby in Alabama.

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    1. Its true for him but not for the millions of homeless Alpacas across the country. Sleeping on subways, smoking old cigarette butts, begging for hay, its a cruel, cruel world Sandy. 😥


    1. These animals are part of a motel that’s been closed for a while. There are people who take care of them but I may be the only visitor. I think his look is because a huge rainstorm was on the way, they know theses things. 💧💧💧

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      1. Hahahaha I have had plenty practice. We are only allowed 1km from the house so started a series called in the neighbourhood.. I post one a day on facebook.. Old chalets, doors, windows, path by the river.. such fun.. doing some online courses photography and loads of editing videos.. It has been therapeutic..;-)

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