Peony Bud -1 EV
Peony Bud -1 EV

“In other words, what we seek is some kind of compensation for what we put up with.” Haruki Murakami, Dance Dance Dance

24 thoughts on “Compensations

  1. Beautiful image … taken at night?
    If we were to focus on beauty such as this, might we consider offering compensation for such gifts? Might our put-up-withs appear beautiful to someone else somewhere else? (Easier to let my eyes judge beauty – turn off the brain and just indulge in the curves and shades.)

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    1. Thanks Jazz. No it was taken this afternoon and I was experimenting with different amounts of exposure compensation (hence the title). The rest was done in post processing. As for the quote if we accept everything without complaint we won’t need any compensation. 🤐

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    2. Peonies are my favourite flower but something about this picture creeps me out …. it could be the pointy tips that looks like bloody finger nails on a talon.
      Probably not the reaction you were looking for 😉 Good thing you’re expecting no compensation from the likes of me!

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