61 Candles

A piece of life
A piece of life

“Don’t think of this as your first step or last step. Just be here as a piece of life. That is the best way to be. You are not a young man; you are not an old man. You are just a piece of life.” Sadhguru, Life and Death in One Breath

24 thoughts on “61 Candles

      1. I am not a young man, I am not an old man … either 🙂

        Happy Birthday Mike! I hope you’re doing something special today … even if it involves carbs.

        Have a good one!

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  1. Taking this opportunity, I want to note once again that I am glad that you are in some sense a piece of my life too! And I think I’m not alone in this! So, you are not just a piece of a single life but you are connected with other people for whom you are dear!
    Hey hey! I wish you a happy birthday here too!

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