Open Sesame
Open Sesame

Eckhart Tolle, in The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment said to let the flowers teach you how to live and how to die, and how not to make living and dying into a problem. Butt wait, there’s more.

Let them teach you about composition, aperture, exposure compensation and shutter speed. Let them teach you to not only keep a tripod in your car but to use it.

Let them teach you about light, wind gusts and patience. Let them teach you to pay attention to signs, and not get locked in the park overnight. Let them teach you about color and how to bring out their beauty in a photograph.

And finally, if it takes a while to learn all of that let them teach you to convert to black and white, and pretend that you feel color is distracting and that you were going for that aesthetic, artistic look.


20 thoughts on “Teachings

  1. AUGH! Tripods and I always end up in an annoyed tangle. Somewhere there must be an easy-to-set-up tripod that doesn’t weigh a ton … we just haven’t found one another yet … will be a match made in heaven when that day surprises both of us! (I can get reasonable good shots of the moon if I steady my arms on top of the truck while aiming … I shudder thinking what I might get with a tripod … assuming I did not throw tripod and camera into smash on the ground during the set-up tangle!
    Guessing the flowers giggle quietly during my frustration tantrums … and ignore me altogether when I lean against the truck (flowers content to simply be beneath the moon w/o trying to capture images)

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      1. I have a beautiful blue Hakuba Branner S5 travel tripod that weighs very little and works fine … once I get through the struggle with telescoping legs and telescoping trunk and angling the computer atop the tripod … all of this while I want to be photographing something that is moving away, escaping me. No, the moon doesn’t run off … but clouds come over it … I think I’d be better matched with one of those walking-stick tripods … haven’t had a chance to experiment with one yet.

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        1. I found a monopod someone was giving away and its really very good. I’ve used it to reduce camera shake but I wouldn’t count on it with a very slow shutter speed. Unless you’re really close to something you can make due without a tripod. This flower was the size of a half dollar and I was two inches away (And I forgot my tripod!)


    1. Thanks Tiffany. This is a huge park and they lock the gates of two sections at night to deter the druggies. I did get locked in a beach parking lot twice but the fishing was fantastic so it was worth it.


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