Emotional Support Dog
Emotional Support Dog

“Start by asking the question ‘Why’. This is because behind the question ‘Why’ there lies answers to your question.” D.S. Mashego

19 thoughts on “Why?

  1. I could ask why the nose is pink on bw frame but I think I know the answer!

    One man once told me: “Every person has his own depth of meaning, which he awares and with which it’s comfortable to live for him. Maybe this depth is measured by the number of questions “why?” to which a person can answer to himself without demotivation”. He didn’t like why questions. Though he’s not from New York.

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    1. His nose is pink because at first he claimed to be Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. These dog/goats will say anything to get you to feed them. I bet if you kept asking the man why he would think you were writing a book!

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      1. I thought his nose was in lasagna. Or that you decided to highlight his nose because you made a new study in the field of goat noses! (earlier there was a research on horse noses)
        You are right. He ran away!

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    1. Good question so I did extensive research on the subject (5 seconds on Google) : “Goats have a strange, rectangular pupil which allows them to see 320 degrees around them. Their oddly shaped eyes also grant them great night vision.”


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