Spring Training

Old 89
Old 89

It seemed like a perfect day to go back to bed and fantasize about winning the Powerball. An hour after that thought I was standing on the tracks in thirty degree weather waiting for the steam engine in Strasburg.

I saw it in the distance and got out of my car to find that the wind was twenty miles an hour blowing directly into my face. But since I like a challenge I set my camera to speed priority and gave it a shot (26).

Tears were streaming down my face, I was almost shooting blind, and the only other photographer probably figured they were tears of joy. Maybe some of them were, but at that point I was once again thinking about taking up golf.

While the composition could be better I was surprised that the image was sharp and was glad that I forced myself to go out. To be honest my obsessive compulsive photography disorder got me out but it didn’t matter.

I probably won’t win the lottery tonight and if I do I have a feeling I’ll be doing the same things in the same way. Maybe I’ll pull up to this spot on a brand new motorcycle, but I’ll still be standing there with a camera, waiting.

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Clouds

35 thoughts on “Spring Training

  1. Hi, Mike! I used a help of Google to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius and miles to kilometers and finally I got that the wind was strong (like we had a week ago here) but temperature was almost OK for the climate we have here, maybe it feels colder in USA. When I lived in Bashkortostan we had up to -40°C and when I with my friends read somewhere that Norwegian person was complaining that there was -15°C and it was fucking cold it made us laugh. Though, now I can believe -15°C is really cold in Norway!

    Good shot, Mike! I think with such a wind it would be hard for me even to stay on my feet not to mention holding camera straight! Hope now you are warm and safe!

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          1. Ahaha! But I think shoveling a car is a good exercise. Any physical activity is good for making anxiety or depression a bit less. Movement always helped me. Several times just not to kill myself, though. But it did help. I’m here now typing silly things.

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      1. Sorry about that. I was looking at Friendly Friday Photo Challenge entries and I ended up on this page. Now I see your photo is for Cee’s B&W clouds. Oh well, it’s till one of my favorites of the wondering I did that day. ;0)

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