To Be There or Not to Be There

Perfect Petal Roses
Perfect Petal Roses

“What is perfect? From the Zen mind, perfection is not being there.” Frederick Lenz

24 thoughts on “To Be There or Not to Be There

  1. To “not be there” (to be without a “where”) sounds blissful … but wouldn’t that preclude learning? Perhaps learning is over-valued by those having achieved “perfection”?

    Intriguing ponder, coupled with unfolding rose petals (unfolding knowing through experience of “being”) … Thanks for stirring my thoughts!

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      1. Oh, thank you! A site to revisit, for sure. I’m caught in the intrigue of being part of something infinitely larger than I can grasp. And that is indeed OK … “capacity to enjoy whatever is unfolding” is the goal.

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