Tree (obviously)
Tree (obviously)

“It’s not that I hear the birds, it’s just hearing the birds.” Charlotte Joko Beck

16 thoughts on “Birdsong

  1. I think you have decided to do away with likes and shares. Or not? Is it because you wish that people would comment more? I would love to share this on Twitter, for example, but the button is gone. This is a brilliant quote. It is about hearing the birds. And they rejoice.

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      1. I did it. Strange: this one had a photo to go with the, the other (To Be There) didn’t.

        Hm… attachment to people’s approval. I see likes as people’s sign that they saw my post. I don’t care much if they like it or not. That’s all I need, just the feeling that I don’t live in a vacuum, now more than ever. We all do how we like it though, and that’s the beauty of it. All well to you.

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