“It’s remarkable how we go on year after year, doing the same old things. We get tired and bored, and ask when they’ll come for us.” Yasunari Kawabata

39 thoughts on “Tired

  1. Interesting shot, Mike!
    It’s interesting as such a rhythm-type shots, when similar objects are repeated. Such things are always interesting, at least to my eye.
    And this is interesting because I spent some time asking myself if you were looking straight or down. Only lantern gives a clue, but it’s not so obvious. Well… At least, for me!

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    1. Well, one tire gives a clue as well, but I thought it was glued or it thoght that gravity sucks.
      I live in a strange world, yes. And the sky under someone’s feet doesn’t surprise me much 😆

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              1. “To choose not to participate in minor, unimportant, or overly difficult arguments, contests, or confrontations, saving one’s strength instead for those that will be of greater importance or where one has a greater chance of success.”

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