Emotional Rescue

Scaredy Cats
Scaredy Cats

So I’m driving down a backroad in the middle of nowhere when I see a van pull over and out of the corner of my eye I spot what looks like an animal up a tree. I quickly turned around thinking it might make an interesting photo.

It seemed that two large cats were stuck in a tangle of branches attached to a telephone pole. The woman with the van was noticeably upset and borrowed a ladder from a farmhouse nearby.

Now I’m basically a nice guy, I help old ladies cross the street and give money to the homeless though I’ve never rescued a cat and wasn’t sure if they really needed rescuing, but I got out with camera in hand.

Being a former house painter I’m very familiar with ladders and know that if you set them in the mud and climb to the top you end up on your ass. But after five or six tries I managed to reach the first cat and grab him.

The second one either liked the view up there or was panicking and refused to let go. Out of frustration I got off the ladder and pulled at the branches until the cat was within reach and pried his claws free.

The woman wrapped them both in a blanket to put in her van with two dogs who were watching the whole thing. I wondered what she was going to do with them and figured the dogs would probably have them for breakfast.

After it was all over she thanked me and my emotions were running high. I was annoyed that I didn’t take a few more shots, my mind was racing with thoughts of post processing and I had to pee.

There are a million stories in the naked county; this has been one of them.

39 thoughts on “Emotional Rescue

  1. No doubt the cats were up so high to escape predators … no doubt they’d been dumped along the roadside and were confused as well as scared. This story (& photo) inspire enormous gratitude for the woman intent on rescue. Bless you for assisting! Ladder expertise! And apparently a good grip as well.
    Rest assured those of us who rescue cats do not let our dogs harm them!

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  2. ” I was annoyed that I didn’t take a few more shots, my mind was racing with thoughts of post processing and I had to pee.”

    Ha Ha. I know the feeling.

    That was very nice of you to help the woman. Did the cats need rescuing? I wonder how they felt about being closeted with two dogs.

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  3. I wouldn’t worry too much about the dogs having them for breakfast – cats are far more resourceful than dogs, it seems to me. Although I am slightly concerned about them being ‘rescued’ into a home to live in close proximity to humans and dogs alike (and who knows what other species there might be in animal-lover’s abode). Cats need a lot of personal space. Particularly the ones in your picture, they look well-fed and clean, evidently had been able to take good care of themselves …

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  4. I think you’ve earned your amateur fireman’s badge! I wish I had. I need to load up my ladder when I drive around from now on. Then maybe I could recuse some cats like that. Even if they happen to be my own. And even if they ride with me to the spot. And even if I lift them up there to check it out and then they freak out. I mean, they’ll still need rescuing. Right?

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