Let It Snow

First Snow, Best Snow
First Snow, Best Snow

“Snow was falling, so much like stars filling the dark trees that one could easily imagine its reason for being was nothing more than prettiness” Mary Oliver

Lens-Artists Challenge #73 – COLD

46 thoughts on “Let It Snow

        1. OK, check your email in about 10 minutes and I’ll tell you how large you can print it out. You can also go to CVS or someplace like that and print one out for about a dollar.


    1. Thanks Karine. My first thought was to create an image that captured a certain regularity and confusion. My second thought was how to take a photo in a snowstorm without getting wet, so I found a large pavilion and took cover. 😉

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          1. You will laugh but once my son had a party and I made some punch with fruit and alcohol. The youngsters finished the punch but left the fruit. I put the bucket outside and the monkeys ate it the next day. My neighbour not knowing told me the next day that those monkeys were swinging, running and creating havoc as if they were drunk.. We did have a really good giggle because they most certainly were drunk.. 😉

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