Black Hole Mums


“I see a bright portion under the overhead light that shades into darkness and then into darker darkness and I can’t see beyond that.” Charles Bukowski, You Get So Alone at Times That it Just Makes Sense

Flower of the Day: Cee’s Photography

30 thoughts on “Black Hole Mums

    1. Thanks Ms. M. If the lyrics said wash away my pain instead of rain I would have used them. By the way sometimes your profile takes me to The Long Way home and other times to your blog A Long Way Home.


  1. I saw yellow first. And yellow is happy. And even when I read a quote I didn’t get it (my bad English). I noticed the tag “depression” and looked to the photo closer. This combination of yellow and black is a bit frightening indeed. But I think I’m in the mood of looking into an abyss. Though my mood isn’t best now.
    I wish this yellow will help you to hold on. There are so much yellow around.

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    1. Depression is my default mood and since I’m Bipolar I swing in and out of it. Right now I’m not really depressed at all. I wanted to say something about a black hole and found this quote by my favorite author and loved it.

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                  1. I saw people with low intellect who suffer from depression too. Intellect may help to overcome depression more effectively… or not 🙂 ok, intellect helps to make a choice more fully.

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