When Cows Attack


I was reading the N.Y Post yesterday and saw an article about a cow attack. It said a highly aggressive bovine wreaked havoc in the German state of Bavaria after escaping from a farm.

The runaway cow attacked its owner, smashed a greenhouse and damaged a patrol car. She also caused a lengthy police chase until she was finally shot with a tranquilizer dart and brought home.

Since I literally live in cow town I took a ride this morning to see some cows and learn their ways. They seem friendly enough and usually come up to see what I want and probably wonder why I’m taking their picture.

But if you look at them carefully you can almost sense a darker side to these placid creatures. This one slowly walked up to me and gave me a look, a look that said in New York speak: “What the F*** are you lookin at?”

Maybe number 26 always looks like this, and maybe her two friends were not her muscle but just normal cows trying to kill the day. I wasn’t about to find out though and left for McDonald’s where I ordered two hamburgers and a milkshake.

36 thoughts on “When Cows Attack

    1. I just hope they remember that the fence is electrified, I found out the hard way once . My camera went into the air and I fell over. Its not the strength of the shock but the shock of the shock. 😉

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  1. Delightful image/read – brings smiles and memories of being 10ish at my grandmother’s farm, after a wander in the pasture, encountering a cow as I tried to exit – HER pasture, apparently, and I the intruder got all sorts of threatening glares as she inched closer, closer. I scrambled over the gate and ran. Back at the house, the only comment from adults was rolled eyes and the question “Well, did she have calves with her?” [Duh. yes.] Perhaps the mad run-away cow in Bavaria was chasing a perceived interference with her calves?

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  2. There must be some mistake here. I’ve been around cows all of my life … some of my best friends are cows and the idea of them attacking is absurd. It’s Halloween and my guess is the attacker was a pony dressed in a cow costume who didn’t get enough candy. Ponies can be very nasty.

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