Metering and Focus

Boyce Motometer
Boyce Motometer

“Focus your mind on one thing, absorb the old examples, study the actions of the masters – penetrate deeply into a single form of practice.” Dogen

4 thoughts on “Metering and Focus

    1. They are beautiful Lisa but also functional for radiator temperature. This is on an old Ford truck with a sign that says Manure Patrol. I’m pretty sure its a joke because the horses just do it in the road (yes that’s a Beatles reference).


    1. I’ve been there before and rushed it so I had an idea of what not to do. If I used a tripod I probably could have nailed it in 3 or 4 shots. But the light was changing so fast I just fired away and when I saw the clouds reflected I knew I had a good one. Probably less than 50 with two different cameras. Thanks Mike, as you know nothing worthwhile is easy.


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