In Search of Abstract

Fire (obviously)
Fire (obviously)

I’ve been trying to do more abstract images as well as more black and white. After getting my coffee this morning I was driving though farm country and saw a fire in the parking lot of an Amish tourist site and pulled in.

I watched the dancing flames and then started taking photos, waiting for the decisive moment. A farmer came over and asked if he could help me. Usually I answer that with “Are you a Psychiatrist?” but I didn’t want to be rude.

I told him I was trying out a new camera rather than explain the concept of abstract photography to him and he just looked at me. “Kinda strange isn’t it,” I said. “Yes it is” was his reply and he walked away towards his children of the corn.

Color your World: Brick Red

33 thoughts on “In Search of Abstract

    1. Thanks VJ. I thought it looked like a Hieronymus Bosch painting but I couldn’t find the exact one. The Amish only need shrinks when photographers stalk them (or take pictures of their fire).

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  1. Your usual answer is funny, was there any person who really was a doc?
    I don’t like at all to speak with people when I shoot on the street. Maybe I expect them to steal my camera, I don’t know 😆 Last time one rather old man started to talk to me when I was making shots on the seashore. I was listening to music at the moment and I didn’t want any person talking with me. I just didn’t answer anything to him. Maybe it was even more rude 😦
    P.S. The fire really looks like a bird.

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    1. In the city I’m self conscious and uncomfortable, and someone just might try to steal my camera. But in the country only 5 miles in the opposite direction its completely different. Most people are only trying to be friendly or looking for company. Now that I look again the bird has two heads! 🙂 🙂

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  2. Oh my. I thought of children of the corn when I read this post. I am surprised that you feel self-conscious with a camera. I know that feeling, but thought these days with so many selfies and mobile photography that photographes would just blend in. Or perhaps it makes people more suspicious. What is it that makes you self-conscious. Great capture, Mike.

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      1. I get it! You either capture them in their natural moment or ask their permission and get a contrived expression. I guess practice would help – click away and then check for permission. If it is not given, delete it. If it is a good photo, they may enjoy seeing it.

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        1. Yes, I always ask them not to smile but they usually do anyway. Mainly I like really bad areas for the junkies, hookers and the insane. Sometimes those places are a little unnerving.


    1. Thanks Kammie. I wanted one that filled the frame, not so easy with a prime lens. It seems he has a fire going every time I’m there, maybe they roast marshmallows or something. 😉


  3. Fire intimidates me so much….You know how people imagine the scariest way to die? Drowning, stabbed, strangled? Or maybe I’m a freak thinking those dark thoughts but it’s fire that terrorizes me in my nightmares. Yet, I find this shot mesmerizing. It kind of looks like a rooster without my reading glasses on, wondering if you see it? I know, I know, I’m weird right? Ha.

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    1. Thank you. If you read the comments several people agreed it looks like a bird, I thought a dancing chicken/rooster. I think the scariest way to die is to become more and more afraid, every, single, day.

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