Thinking outside the Box

Boxes (obviously)
Boxes (obviously)

“It is not possible to think outside the box. If I am thinking, I am always and only inside the box. The mind itself is the box.” Red Hawk, Self Observation

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Things Made From Wood

32 thoughts on “Thinking outside the Box

  1. I was thinking about making a shot about living in the box (of course, this is due to the move), now I’m here and see your post 😀
    It seems, I start thinking a bit like you or it’s just a coincidence.

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                    1. I realized that with Google Translate I don’t have to learn it, hows this: Мне нравится фотография, потому что она держит меня вне бара.

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                    2. Google translate works rather good, comparing with how it worked some years ago. But it’s always hard to translate idioms. I use for this though I think there are better vocabularies.

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  2. Love the quote, Mike. Actually our mind can have many boxes or compartments. I liked the box with the diagonal line the most and the Cody box second. My eye roams to whatever looks different. 🙂

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      1. “The mode of comprehension outside the box is intuition; and the mode of expression outside the box is inspiration. These are the modes of real intelligence.” Yes! Thanks for the link, Mike. I’ve read other material in the same vein of thought.

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          1. Deepak Chopra gets into witnessing the self as a thinker also, to gain enlightenment. Can’t square a circle, but you can change a circle into an octagon to fit into the square. Learned that recently concerning architectural geometry of fitting a circular dome onto a square building.

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