Sunflower Close Up
Sunflower Close Up

I woke up today at 6:30 and decided to go back to bed. Thirty minutes later I was standing in a field taking more photos of the same sunflower as in my last post.

I remembered the tiny voice of the flower talking yesterday: Get closer it said and use your monopod. As I waited for the right light I realized that the plant was at least a foot taller than me so handheld it was.

I struggled to hold the camera steady and get as close as I could, occasionally chimping and deleting any image that was not tack sharp or at least close. As the wind picked up I had the funny feeling that this was completely ridiculous.

I think maybe the miracle of a single flower is that it doesn’t struggle, anything that happens is perfectly fine. Life could be the same way, whatever happens or is going to happen is beyond our control so resisting it is pointless.

As I was sitting in my car zooming in on each image I heard very soft laughter coming from somewhere. It turned out to be someone feeding the goats but I have a feeling that the flowers were smiling that I got the message.

Of course I’ll be doing the exact same thing tomorrow. Maybe unusual things made from wood, shot wide open, converted to black and white and resized to exactly 1000 x 1294 (more or less).

31 thoughts on “Ridiculousness

            1. The first step is admitting it, the next step is to expose to the right. πŸ™‚ I never go anywhere without two cameras and three extra batteries, but my main issue is that I drive around too much. When it gets cooler I’m going back to the city which is 4 miles away for street photography. Probably much more frustrating but its great exercise. Thanks Russell.

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  1. It was strange but I felt a smell of sunflower when I saw your photo. Then I realized that it was smell of a bouquet with mountain ash and tansy which stands on my table. I don’t know why, but it smells like sunflowers.
    I tried to grow 2 kind of sunflowers on a windowsill this year. But nothing came of it. One sunflower was smaller than a small daisy, and the other was without petals. It was a bit sad. Several years ago I had another seeds and I had
    a beautiful sunflower in a pot.

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