Dreaming of Jupiter

Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider

“To be worth making at all, a journey has to be made in the mind as much as in the world of objects and dimensions.” Ted Simon


26 thoughts on “Dreaming of Jupiter

          1. I can relate–I was writing like a machine all through the night, still haven’t made it to bed…I was way too wound up, having to tell myself to “breathe, already!” Are we all this crazy??

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            1. We have to seriously analyze our restlessness and figure out, why? I have a very slight feeling it might be the two 32 ounce cups of iced coffee I drink every morning.


                  1. Oh I SO appreciate you reminding me of that, thank you. I never expected/wanted to live this long–and now I’m “here”, an old gal/curmudgeonette, and finding that I finally have a place where I’m welcomed: gobs of fabulous poets with very kind and generous hearts who don’t think I’m the weirdest thing on the planet. So I’m trying to write hard and get all the gusto I’ve missed out on in my younger years. And now I’m yammering/nattering on… I really need to get some sleep. Thanks again for every word you share ❤ You are a huge blessing.

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