Hang Em High

Tobacco Leaves
Tobacco Leaves

The amount of time I spent trying to get a black and white abstract image of these tobacco leaves bordered on obsessive compulsive (oh yeah). You might think that since a photo is abstract that sharpness and composition don’t matter but they do, to me at least.

I’m not sure exactly what I was trying to achieve but I think I succeeded. Kirk Varnedoe, author of Pictures of Nothing wrote: “The less there is to look at, the more important it is that we look at it closely and carefully. This is critical to abstract art. Small differences make all the difference.”

Damn right! And photography also keeps me out of the bar.

44 thoughts on “Hang Em High

    1. Thanks Ron, your tobacco barn is very cool. There are no red ones here in Lancaster as far as I’ve seen, they’re all white with long slats that open to dry the stuff. By the way I never want to go back to work but I may have to soon at 60 years old.


        1. It needed to be said. But seriously, your analogy is excellent. The less of something the more important each thing becomes. Photography is a lot like cooking. You try to make something good with your ability and what you have available. If you’re lucky once in a while you make something great. Have a fantastic weekend Lois!

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      1. Haha 🙂 You did! It reminds me when I was shooting chairs near a cafe. I shot on film and it was late. The cafe was opened but no people were on the street where chairs stand. And I thought I had enough time for measurements. But suddenly a girl from the cafe went out and started packing chairs very fast. So, I had just some seconds to make a shot.

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  1. I’ve rewarded your very nice conversations by Following–and I read your About, which now explains why I felt immediately comfortable: I too was born on Long Island, Far Rockaway. We left when I was 2 or 3, so I don’t recall it–however the odd thing is that I’m often told I have a “New York personality” (some call it “edgy”)…whatever. 🙂 Blessings to you–and if I don’t read and comment EVERYDAY, please don’t take offense…I’m having a heck of a time keeping up with all my blog folks!

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  2. The textures and contrast you have created in the photograph are spell-binding, Mike. I keep looking and looking, each time seeing more. That is marvellous in a monochromatic photo! I wholly agree with the quote about abstract art, yet never thought about it in those terms before. Thanks for making me think and plan to improve my photography/editing skills. Great to have an expert like you participate in Friendly Friday Photo Challenge.

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          1. Sounds like a song I remember…. but in all seriousness, Mike – those conditions are not fun and I have had my fair share of dealing with them in my family. Good to hear that you direct that in a positive direction like photography, which provides enjoyment for others.

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            1. Its not like I’m washing my hands until they bleed or anything like that, I just have a tendency to overthink things combined with 24 hours a day of free time. Its more like ordinary madness…


                    1. OK then let me ask you an important question. If I went through the earth to Australia in one minute would I be traveling though time? I’m not going to do it because I lost my drill but sometimes I wonder about these things.


                    2. During that minute if you could travel around the speed of light, then yes! You would be ! Actually my tech son is working on the calculation.
                      He just told me I would have to get to The US in 0.05 secs at the speed of light to have arrived before I left. i.e. to slow time or travel backwards marginally in time.

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          1. That is also a possibility. Know that you’re never going to see an UFO through asking permission 😁
            The tobacco leaves make me think of Cuba and their farmers. I didn’t realize you had them too. There are a lot of things I don’t know. It’s fun to have a look into your world through the lens.

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