Something Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue

Boy Blue
Boy Blue 8/15/19

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #58

33 thoughts on “Something Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue

      1. I find foggy conditions offer incredible light & color, providing you have sufficient light for your subject. I didn’t notice the fog in the background until you told me. Good shot!

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            1. You’re welcome Leya. Living in the heart of Amish country I didn’t even imagine that someone might not realize that. 🙂 Its hard to remember what I thought when I first moved here and saw all the buggies and horses.


              1. Even if there are many informative films about them, I guess we don’t see them often enough to get the details on the spot. When I was young I was fascinated by them, and some really good movies are staged in Amish country as well.

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    1. He might have said Dabber Schpring! which in Pennsylvania Dutch means run quickly. In the first couple of shots there was a German Shepard along with them so it really was a team effort. Thanks Mike.


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