Cow Farts and the End of the World

Presumed Innocent
Presumed Innocent

I read an article about cow farts in our local newspaper the other day and decided to do some research. The Salt Lake Tribune said: “Greenhouse gas emissions are on the rise, global warming is becoming a bigger threat, and cow farts are partly to blame.

Methane from cows is a big contributor to the greenhouse effect, trapping thirty times more heat than carbon dioxide. To put the toxicity of methane in perspective, you would have to sit and idle your car for 21.3 hours a day in order to produce the same amount of gas as one cow does per day.”

Josh Goldman of Australis Aquaculture said that one alternative is to feed the cows a certain type of seaweed. He claims: “If you could feed all the cows this seaweed, it would be the equivalent of taking all these cars off the road.”

Note: whether cows actually fart and whether or not as one website put it, cow farts matter and could destroy the world, think carefully before sitting in your car with the engine running for 21.3 hours. I had a neighbor who did that once and it did not end well.

14 thoughts on “Cow Farts and the End of the World

  1. This is actually a thing and, down here in New Zealand where we have rather a lot of dairy cattle, agricultural scientists have been experimenting for at least two years with different grass mixtures to try to reduce the problem.
    The idea that cows can destroy the world by themselves is an overstatement but don’t let that get in the way of a good headline.
    BTW, New Zealand produces 0.02% of the world’s greenhouse gases. That’s no reason to sit back, do nothing, and blame everybody else.

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    1. It would seem that garbage in the ocean and car exhaust has got to be a larger problem than methane from animals. No news is good news. Thanks Mike.


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