Beyond Space And Time


“As long as you imagine yourself to be something tangible and solid, a thing among things, you seem short-lived and vulnerable, and of course you will feel anxious to survive. But when you know yourself to be beyond space and time you will be afraid no longer.” Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

15 thoughts on “Beyond Space And Time

            1. If it did I wouldn’t drink it, just like I didn’t used to drink Vodka for the taste. I have a tripod in my car but rarely use it during the day. Happy new year to you too and thanks for visiting.

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              1. Yeah, I keep a pointless tripod in my boot too! Comes everywhere with me. Never used it. Well, maybe once to pull a loose branch from under the car last winter! Anyhow, have a good one Mike. All the best, Rob. 🙏


                1. I don’t feel its pointless at all, it just takes an extra minute or two to set up. I even used to carry it in my motorcycle tailbag. It just feels limiting sometimes depending on what you’re shooting. Take care Rob.

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