Camels, Sunflowers and Perfect Light

First Sunflower-Best Sunflower
First Sunflower-Best Sunflower

I wasted almost a half hour driving around to find the N.Y. Times early this morning. As usual the cashier asked: “Is this newspaper really six dollars?” (If I go to NYC its only $5 but I have things to do). Despite the forecast of a mostly cloudy day with heavy rain this afternoon it was beautiful.

I had my camera with me and was deciding whether to photograph the baby camels that live on a local farm or a flower garden in front of a restaurant a mile away. I had a feeling the camels would either be covered with flies or out in the middle of the field but I went anyway. I was right about both so I decided I’ve got to get myself back to the garden.

I knew there were some Clematis still in good shape and some red Lilies but as soon as I walked up the path I saw it-the first sunflower of the season and it was beautiful. By this time the perfect light was gone but I took a few shots anyway, and then waited to see if the sun would come back out. It didn’t.

I know from experience that you really need great light to get the color right on a sunflower but that may not happen again until Tuesday and then there is always the wind to deal with. I told myself that nothing is perfect but my self just laughed.

Legendary photographer Jay Maisel once said: “There is no bad light. There is spectacular light and difficult light. It’s up to you to use the light you have.”

Legendary Buddhist teacher Shunryu Suzuki once said: “Nothing we see or hear is perfect. But right there in the imperfection is perfect reality.”

Legendary God of dreams Morpheus once said: “You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.”

Unfortunately I’m all out of blue pills, but I do have the Sunday papers and my bed looks like a great place to spend a rainy Sunday. As for the news, they wouldn’t print it if it wasn’t true.

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