The Shape of Water

Long Level Marina-Wrightsville
Long Level Marina-Wrightsville

“From the very beginning all beings are Buddha. Like water and ice, without water no ice, outside us no Buddhas.” Hakuin Ekaku

17 thoughts on “The Shape of Water

        1. The way I understand self is that it is not “I” hear the birds, but hearing the birds. Or a baby who crawls, smiles and laughs without analyzing everything that goes on. As Lao Tzu said: He doesn’t think about his actions; they flow from the core of his being.


              1. We are close to the truth. Self is what we see. Not really who see it. But after seeing it becomes a memory, an experience and knowing. This part is who we are because it is unique


                1. I was at a topless bar roughly 30 years ago and an old man came up to me and asked: What is truth? I didn’t know then and I don’t know now. Maybe I’m getting closer.


                    1. That may be so Miss cake, the next time I’m in your area we can have tea and discuss this further. But I will have to control the tea ceremony completely.


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