Going Down The Road Feelin’ Bad

Peace Road
Peace Road

The other day I went to back up some files and discovered that my external hard drive was dead. Over eight years of photos, records and documents were on there and no matter what I tried I couldn’t get them back.

I’ve been told it might be possible to recover the data for a hundred or two hundred dollars but I’m not rushing out to do that. After struggling with it for a couple of days I put the thing in a drawer and decided to let it go for now.

Criss Jami said: “We are often taught to look for the beauty in all things, so in finding it, the layman asks the philosopher while the philosopher asks the photographer.”

Note to self: read less philosophy and get a new hard drive, maybe two.

12 thoughts on “Going Down The Road Feelin’ Bad

  1. Yikes!!! So sorry for your loss :(( It has been a strange time-envelope these past few days. Saturday, I mistakenly formatted a camera card — I was certain it was new — and erased 8 gigs of pics . . . discovered it last night and had the worst, sinking feeling. Yet, I know I must stay in gratitude. I must stay “up”. And I now have an excuse to shoot even more pictures!!!!!

    Several years ago I lost four years of writings when my computer was stolen off an airplane . . . My local computer guy had just backed it up, though, so I should be good . . . What??? He screwed up the save. All that was there were five skimpy pieces, out of hundreds.

    I hauled my horses out above the desert that night. It was like I had to come close to death (and I nearly did!). I rode and rode, coming back way after dark under an endless canopy of stars. And I made the resolve: I’m still alive. I can still write. I WILL write! And, ultimately, out of that has come my blog.

    Shoot. Shoot. Shoot more pics. And what’s a couple hundred dollars to retrieve all that you’ve lost??? I wish like heck I had that option with my lost computer!!!

    Stay well!!!



    1. Good advice, I now have a reason to shoot more worth saving. The hard drive is My Book and it powers on then goes off, but everything is still on the disc. I guess when I feel the need for the lost stuff I’ll find someone to do it. If they can recover a criminals files they can recover a few thousand photos, right?

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  2. Oh…. oh…..That’s… so not good. I hate to hear this, Mike. What a punch in the chest for you. I can only imagine how sick you felt. But I agree with others – just take lots more photos and when you are ready get a really good place to retrieve the photos – or as many as possible. Technology – *sigh*… Good luck! peace to you


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