Up Close with the Sony A6000

Pictures of Lily
Pictures of Lily

I like to get close to things, especially flowers, but from what I’ve read the Sony 30mm f/3.5 Macro Lens leaves a lot to be desired. So I did some product testing with the 16-50mm kit lens that came with my camera.

This photo was shot in Aperture Priority at f/16, ISO 125, 1/80 sec and zoomed all the way out to 50mm. Fortunately it was as calm as clam shells and the light was as warm and fuzzy as my brain on Valium and Vodka.

I was only about 12 inches from the flower, maybe less, but many of my brain cells were lost during my Valium and Vodka years so I’m not sure. I think some were sharper with a shorter focal length but this was just an experiment and I like the composition of this one.

I will not win any macro awards with this lens and I will not be bringing home the macro trophy, which is a shame because it has a giant fly on it. But it’s good to know I can get decent shots with this lens if a lily ever crosses my path again, in good light with no wind, on a tripod from 12 inches away (more or less).

15 thoughts on “Up Close with the Sony A6000

      1. 😊 I have done macro with my phone but it’s not really macro like your macro of course! It’s a phone but it’s ok for an amateur like me. I have an ok camera (a Canon) but I never seem to use it any more which is too bad really.


        1. Its only a photo, if you want more there are great compacts that fit in your pocket. My Panasonic Lumix was about $100 at Costco and it was awesome. It had a macro mode that no other camera I’ve owned has.

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          1. I love photos. I take lots and enjoy those of other people. Mine are definitely just snapshots. A good small camera would be handy. If you are curious I have an Instagram.


              1. Now here is where technology tripped me up. I’m not home this weekend and can’t figure out how to send a link using the Instagram app. I’ll send it tomorrow night 😊. I see some accounts on Instagram with square photos. Interesting. They should make it easier!


                1. I did a post on using your computer to access your Instagram account and upload photos, if you use the phone app they don’t have to be square. I’d like to see your pics so let me know when you can. Peace

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                    1. Yes – that is a very cool piece of street/alley art I ran across unexpectedly. If you clicked the like on that photo I could find you on instagram and follow you *hint, hint*. I know my photos are just snapshot cellphone photos but I enjoy it.


                    2. The difference between a snapshot and fine art is the obsession one puts into it. The best advice I ever read was to photograph what makes you happy. I only have a couple of pics on Instagram because it seems like a hassle. If I post more I’ll give you the link.


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