The Lesser Vehicle

The Lesser Vehicle
The Lesser Vehicle

Hinayana is a Sanskrit term literally meaning the smaller or lesser vehicle. So how does this affect me, the average spiritual seeker you might ask? I’ll give you a simple yet crystal clear example, none of that finger pointing at the moon stuff.

Yesterday I was at the Strasburg Rail Road where hundreds of people gathered to ride Thomas the train. Compared with the larger steam engines, Thomas was clearly the lesser vehicle (no offense intended).

Or so I thought until I saw this miniature steam engine which actually runs on coal. There seemed to be a serious debate going on, probably about the vehicles or paths known as Hinayana, Mahayana and Tantrayana Buddhism.

Chögyam Trungpa once said: “We must begin our practice by walking the narrow path of simplicity, the Hinayana path, before we can walk upon the open highway of compassionate action, the Mahayana path.”

I didn’t ask if this lesser vehicle was headed for the open highway of compassionate action, but with all those little train fans running around I think it probably was.

19 thoughts on “The Lesser Vehicle

  1. This is truth that was lost as the Buddha predicted of this disappearance of Dharma. Truth is Mahayana is more of a path for those who cultivate the Bodhisattva path, more or less. Hinayana is the path of ultimate discipline on the approach to Nirvana. #Maitreya


      1. Sure. Its pleases me to meet someone who understands. The essence of the teaching of Tathagata Buddha faded with the monastic life politics. And now we have to herald a new Aquarian Age, those of us who are awake enough to see. #Nirvana


      1. Sure. But my experience in the path has taught me that all matters is the sincerity of the resolve, and less the practice. Which is the Bodhisattva path that the great consciously choose to take. For the greater benefit of other beings too, not just self. Know what I mean? #Metteya


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