It’s Not About Your Camera?

Eastland Alpacas Open House
Eastland Alpacas Open House

It’s not about your camera says Ken Rockwell. In his own words: “If you can shoot well, all you need is a disposable, toy camera or a camera phone to create great work. If you’re not talented, it doesn’t matter if you buy a Nikon D3X or Leica; your work will still be uninspired.” Camera stores will argue this theory and not let him in, but he may have a point.

He goes on to say, very eloquently I might add; “Many people still cling to the mystique of the tripod, even though tripods went out with film cameras.” Oh.

Continuing: “If you love your tripod then don’t let me poop in your ice cream; but if you’re carrying it around to use with your Canon or Nikon DSLR because someone else told you it made sharper pictures, think again. I make more and better pictures when I’m not weighed down.”

Now the way I see it, the disturbing part is not about the difference between a point and shoot and a Hasselblad, or even the advantages of using a tripod, but the poop in my ice cream thing is at least a little kinky.

This may be shocking to new readers, but I’m a bit obsessive (see blog name). So fancy cameras with a lot of buttons, dials and customizable options are a good thing for me. Tripods I find useful to compose and also slow things down a bit, and smaller ones hardly weigh me down.

So does Mr Rockwell have a valid point? I don’t know, but he seems like a nice enough guy and takes decent photos. Some people are happy with a small dirtbike and others want a Ducati Multistrada 1200 Enduro. I want both and have neither, but I have a camera that works for me and fits in my pocket.

I go to the open house at Eastland Alpacas in Mount Joy every year and see people taking pictures with everything from phones to top of the line Leicas, and most photos probably come out pretty good. Maybe after three hundred shots and hours of post processing some come out better than others. If not I will tell myself that they do.

Note to self: always shoot RAW.

3 thoughts on “It’s Not About Your Camera?

  1. A tripod also makes a dandy 3-legged “cane” in case someone needs one for stability on a messed up leg. Learned that a couple of years ago. 🤷🏻‍♀️🙃 Hi! Just thought I’d peek at your 1st posts here. The alpaca is adorable – do they spit, too, like camels do? Re cameras: I just looked up Ken Rockwell. The second hit on Duck-Duck-Go is a post on DPReview titled, “Why does everyone hate Ken Rockwell?” Wow! 😳 The first hit is his site, which I’ll visit right after I post this comment. Anyway…I can’t afford “good” cameras anymore so I’m hoping that the “not so good” ones will help me out if I try to make magic with them. The last time I did much photography was about 10 years ago when I shelled out for a Lensbaby Composer and a set of macro lenses for my Canon. So exciting!! Unfortunately, I had severe but undiagnosed cataracts at the time and somehow managed to shoot 32GB of 12mp pix with nothing – NOTHING – in focus. When the eyes got zapped and I could see again I packed everything away, disgusted by the waste. So here’s the point: Your work is inspiring me to start again. The camera and lenses are old; I’m old. But wonder at what light can do is always new (to me, anyway). Thank you for sharing your work and words. 🤗👏

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    1. Thank you Robin. I have a Sony a6000 with a very expensive 35mm prime I hardly use at all because I like to get close. My main camera is a Sony RX100 (1st generation!) and its amazing. With good light, luck and persistence (obsession) you can make something out of almost nothing.

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